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Who does not love and hate money at some point in there life . I know I have the same relationship with Money . I mean I been living the frugal lifestyle as best as I can .

I truly enjoy shopping at lawn sale, garage sale or second hand store and sometime you might even see me a the local free store . I am also looking and trying to find the best way’s money right to know buying food for a family of 8 on a $500 dollar a month budget .

I must in form you that I don’t have a college education in the world of money everything I have learn and blog about is learn through personal experience , a lot of hard work, reading a lot books that would make your eyes cry or put a lot of people to sleep at night and graduation with the Highest honors from the ever-popular school of Hard Knocks .

I am sure you wondering who I am and what my story is and if you really truly interested in my whole life you would not be hear reading about how to get you financial life under control so everyone calls me Treasured Cash .

The blog is a step stone in your quest to be financial fit and stable a lot of the role models frugal living are our senior citizens, who have lived through the great depression , when everyone was force to adapt to cutting back . They really needed to learn how to get the most out of their money , and they always look to justifiably look with horror on the spending habits of our generation . So I could go on for ever and ever about who my frugal living senior citizens is but I will save that for another blogs .

I hope that you can truly reach your financial goals and live the life you have always wanted .

Treasured Cash

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